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The Churches, Sex, and Gender

I gave this talk at Holy Ground, Exeter Cathedral, on Sunday 13th March, 2016. I was pleased to have been invited by the Canon Chancellor to talk about the Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality and Gender, which I recently edited. In my talk I expressed great concern that official Church teachings on sexuality and gender are increasingly out of sync with the majority of people of Britain, and even the majority of Christians themselves. Even worse, the Churches are also out of sync with the best scholarship in the social and historical sciences, and in theological and biblical studies. In this talk I outlined several areas where attention to good scholarship would have prevented the rift between Church and nation over sexuality issues, and would have enabled a different way forward which is faithful, compassionate and inclusive. I drew from several of the 41 original and specially commissioned essays in the book. Readers looking for a much more detailed treatment of the Handbook are invited to download the file discussing the Handbook, also in this section of the website.
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