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After the Authorised Version

This lecture was the opening address at the annual conference of Modern Church, at High Leigh Conference Centre, UK, in July, 2011. Modern Church asked me to chair the conference, called 'Can These Bones Live? - Reading the Bible Today'. We were aware that 2011 was the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible. We wanted to add a critical edge to these celebrations, and to remember the darker side of the history of the use of the 'KJV'. We were wary of the temptation to indulge in nostalgia for a bygone age, and we were willing to admit the use of the KJV in the construction of racism, sexism and colonialism. The Conference also used the reading of literature, the viewing of paintings, and the watching of films to show how the use of imagination could enhance encounters with the text of the Bible. The conference sold out quickly, and many people were disappointed that there were no places left. Follow the link below to hear some of the talks.
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