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A Theology of Liberation for Children

I gave this lecture at New College, University of Edinburgh, in 2004, at the launch of the book 'Honouring Children: The Human Rights of the Child in Christian Perspective,' by Kathleen Marshall and Paul Parvis. The lecture includes a piece on how theology, which until recently has been guilty of gross child neglect, might think freshly about children. This 'methodology' draws on some core ideas of Latin American Liberation Theology and applies these to the 'oppression' of millions of children in the USA and Britain, who according to several reports, are relatively unhappy when compared with their peers in First World Countries. Too many children end up unwanted, ill-treated and hungry - in a word, oppressed. I am still hoping other writers might develop this theme. There are pages about it in my books Marriage after Modernity, and Theology and Families, but it needs to be developed further, especially with regard to the social analyses and practical conclusions that follow from it.
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