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The Ontology of Paul Tillich

The Ontology of Paul Tillich is the revision of my doctoral thesis completed at Oxford in 1973 under the inspired supervision of John Macquarrie, to whom I owe much. When I was an undergraduate at Regent's Park College I had to read part of Tillich's Systematic Theology Volume 2. I was delighted then to have found a modern theologian who was prepared to present the central claims of Christian faith in a non-traditional language and to take the problem of communication seriously.

Nearly 30 years later I stand by everything I wrote about Tillich then. I still think that some form of his 'method of correlation' is essential, and that metaphysical questions just won't go away. But the book was overall critical of Tillich, not least for the conceptual chaos that sits below his understanding of God as Being-itself. After writing this book I did not keep up to date with scholarship on Tillich, but turned to other questions. I think that God is best understood through classical models of 'being' than through the modern existentialists, and Tillich never actually abandoned them.

Oxford UP. 1978 978-0198267157
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