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Vile Bodies: The Body in Christian Teaching, Faith, and Practice

Vile Bodies are bodies that have been vilified by Christian thought, often with catastrophic consequences. The bodies of women, Jews, Muslims, slaves, Blacks, LGBT people, children, wives have all been harmed by negative Christian teaching about bodies. The book sidesteps the endless controversies in the churches about sexuality and gender and goes deeper – unmasking instead the abusive theology that ensures these controversies and their harmful outcomes persist.

Drawing extensively from the Bible, and from all periods of church history and theology, Vile Bodies slowly exposes how churches have preferred doctrine to compassion, orthodoxy to justice, and legalism to love, culminating in the global abuse crises in the churches that have largely destroyed their moral credibility.

Everyone involved in Christian thought needs to understand and own the deep mistakes their tradition has made and continues to make. It is the only way towards a church without patriarchy, misogyny, racism, colonialism, antisemitism, sexphobia, and homophobia.

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