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The Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality and Gender

This volume is the culmination of three and a half year's work. I first produced a design, in 2011, for a volume of essays, over forty of them, which I thought would provide summaries of the latest research in all the areas contributing to contemporary theological thinking about sexuality. It soon became clear that the problem of gender lay beneath many of the recent discussions of sexuality, and so gender was added to the title early on. I received helpful advice from half a dozen anonymous readers about the design. Improvements were made, and Oxford University Press then invited me to continue with the project. I was then able to ask the best researchers and scholars in the world, all leaders in their fields of expertise, to contribute new and original material for the Handbook. No chapter has been published elsewhere. I was delighted both by the willingness of authors to contribute, and by the quality and appropriateness of the chapters as they came in. The result is a unique collection of essays which both covers and extends the latest scholarship in these areas, while remaining accessible to its readers.

There are three ways to read the Handbook. The Hardback version was published at the end of December 2014. The paperback version will be published in November 2016. The Ebook is available now. The book can also be read directly by anyone who is a member of a University or institution which has a subscription to Oxford Handbooks on-line. The contents can be browsed on the Oxford Handbooks on-line website, and individual essays downloaded separately.

The Church Times reviewer said \\\\\\"It is intended to be the new standard overview of the theological study of sexuality and gender. In almost every way it achieves that end.\\\\\\" INTAMS Review said \\\\\\"It is hard to do justice to the richness and variety of contributions on a subject that is of abiding interest to humankind.\\\\\\"
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