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Making Sense of Sex

Even after God, Sex and Gender (Wiley-Blackwell: 2011) there are still new things to say about all three. The same old tired arguments rumble on about male authority, women bishops, gay marriages, and so on, with little or no consideration of the new scholarship provided by classicists and medical historians, as well as biblical and doctrinal theologians. Both books try to introduce readers to a new plain of discussion on which real theological progress can be made. Making Sense of Sex will appeal to all liberal-minded Christians who prefer a much shorter (and cheaper) book, and who are prepared to be adventurous in thinking about sex and gender. For University and Seminary courses, God, Sex and Gender will still be preferred. Both books can also be used in 'A' level courses.

The Church Times reviewer said \\\\"To try to make sense of sex for a Christian audience today in a mere 89 pages is ambitious, to say the least. Adrian Thatcher's little book must then be judged a minor miracle; for he has managed to present a balanced theology of sex which addresses questions of sexual desire, sexual difference, and attitudes to the body, as well as (inevitably) homosexuality, and the challenge of same-sex marriage.\\\\" This book has also been published in the USA by Fortress Press who re-titled it to become Thinking About Sex. Read the Signs of the Times review at
ISBN 978-0-281-06406-9
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