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The Daily Telegraph Guide to Christian Marriage and to getting married in church

How did I ever get to write for this reactionary Tory broadsheet? Good question! Here's the answer: I am a strong supporter of marriage, and writing a Guide on how you get married, and what it all means, appealed to me. They invited me to write it. I accepted.

The back cover says 'The Daily Telegraph Guide to Christian Marriage is essential reading for couples and their families and friends, whether inside or outside the churches, who are preparing to get married in church or who want to know more about church weddings. It praises marriage, and sets out what marriage means today. It answers questions such as: What happens when a couple makes their vows? Are couples refused marriage if they are already living together?'

The book helps couples to plan their wedding, and continues advice on how to continue a happy relationship long after the wedding is over.

Continuum 2003 0-8264-6629-X
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