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The Guide to Christian Marriage and to getting married in church

My Daily Telegraph Guide to Christian Marriage (2003) was sold principally to mail order readers of that old Tory organ, and there were some left over. In 2006, the Publisher, Continuum, put a new cover on the older book, re-issued it, and hey presto, it quickly sold out. The older date, 2003, remains uncorrected on an early page. The Publishers never told me they were going to do this. The first I knew of this version of the book was when a student quoted from it, and I mistakenly accused her of getting the attribution wrong!

Some of the web-addresses may be redundant now, but seven years on, its arguments stand. Straight evangelical Christians still worry about having sex before marriage. Some of them say they have been much helped by chapter 4, 'Sex, Engagement and Marriage'.

Continuum 2006 0-8264-8108-6
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