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People of Passion - what the churches teach about sex

People of Passion came four years after Liberating Sex - A Christian Sexual Theology. Elizabeth Stuart, my co-author, and I, had both contributed to the open discussion of sexual questions within theology in the early 1990s, and we hoped this volume would widen the readership interested in these questions still further. The title of the book was an attempt to link sexual passion with the Passion of Jesus Christ, and so to link our desire for one another with God's desire for us.

In our publicity for the book we said

'It provides a basic theological resource for those who want to explore issues to do with sex and sexuality from a Christian point of view but feel they need to acquire a broader, more informal perspective on the historical background and contemporary developments.

First, it enables clergy, ministers and priests to deal with pastoral situations related to sexuality.

Second, with Christianity and sexuality appearing regularly on the curriculum in universities, colleges, seminaries and schools throughout the world, it provides an indispensable, easy-to-read guidebook mapping out the terrain and sketching the contours of current controversies.

Third, it is an authoritative source for professional people outside the churches who need to keep in touch with Christian teaching about sex and sexuality.

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