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The Savage Text: The Uses and Abuses of the Bible

Misuse of the Bible has made hatred holy. In this provocative book I argue that debates on sexuality currently raging through the churches are the latest outbreak in a long line of savage interpretations of the Bible. I claim they should be exposed, not least because they continue an anti-tradition in Christianity that has discriminated against many minorities, including people of colour, slaves, women and children. I ask how Christians have been able to conduct, in public and on a global scale, arguments which have exposed so much hatred and misrepresentation that the very mission of the church has been severely compromised.

The answer lies largely in particular attitudes toward the Bible and the misuse of biblical passages. Informed by wide-ranging debate, and drawing on numerous examples, I think the book breaks new ground in the well-ploughed territories of sexual ethics and biblical interpretation. It unmasks this savage tradition and offers instead an alternative, faithful, and peaceable reading of the Bible; one which is faithful to the Triune God and rooted in the early church.

There are three versions of the book to choose from - hardback, paperback (much cheaper), and an on-line version produced by Wiley InterScience (for details go to
Wiley 2009 978-1-4051-7016-1
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