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Prof. Adrian Thatcher
Theology and gender; theology and sexuality; theology and marriage; theology and gay marriage; interpreting the Bible - these are some of the topics I have written about recently, in books, articles and lectures.

You may find that what makes my work different is that all these topics are approached from a robust but very open theological point of view. I write as an Anglican theologian committed to the tradition of modern, liberal theology.

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My latest book is Redeeming Gender, published by Oxford University Press on July 1st 2016. The book provides a novel theological and historical analysis of the crisis in the churches over gender and sexuality, and proposes a novel theological solution. Part 1 is named 'Retrievals', and Part 2 'Transformations'.

The Handbook I recently edited, The Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality and Gender, will soon be published in paperback. 41 of the best scholars in the world contributed original essays to this Handbook. Check out some early reviews.

In 2015 Fortress Press reissued my book Making Sense of Sex (SPCK 2012) for sale in North America. It has a new title, Thinking About Sex. The book patiently outlines for a Christian readership an alternative understanding of sexuality and gender to that offered by conservative and evangelical groups.